We are a Venezuelan company dedicated to providing comprehensive business development and promotion services, supported by a group of leaders who for over 20 years have excelled in the areas of business consulting, legal, management, financial and insurance consulting.

Our consulting tools, specially adapted to the business conditions in Venezuela and other Latin American countries, allow our clients to operate more effectively in the local market.

Today we have more than 100 professionals who are focused on the promotion and development of business for public and private companies, both local and transnational.

At FUN we believe in prosperity, and in the commitment that companies have to positively impact the communities in which they operate. That's why philanthropy is an important component of our activities. We want to create prosperity and share it.


We are a consulting organization, dedicated to knowing, understanding and solving our clients' requirements and providing the best service through relationships based on mutual trust, technical capacity and quality of service.


To maintain the preference of our clients and related parties, by being recognized for our high standards of quality, efficiency and easy access to our services, through a simple and convenient offer, directed by highly talented, motivated professionals with a great sense of belonging.