We have a team of high-level professionals with solid experience in providing services to companies and public and private institutions.

We maintain relationships with numerous companies, national and international, of recognized professional trajectory, which allows us to offer our clients the best advice available and guarantee better opportunities for the success of their business. We have the knowledge and infrastructure necessary to plan and manage engineering, procurement and construction projects in the areas of oil, gas, petrochemicals, electricity, mining and agriculture. We offer our associates the experience of our executives in the management of financial and legal activities in the country.

We provide advice on the insurance of individuals, companies and projects as well as on the acquisition of reinsurance policies from companies and their processes.


We offer our clients our proven expertise in: strategic planning, organizational culture, project management, human resources management, public relations and client management.

We support our associates to improve the company's performance and effectively exercise economic-financial control, expediting the support processes and optimizing the associated costs.

We identify the key elements to boost business value, to develop planning frameworks, and budgets that incorporate relevant indicators. We provide innovative approaches for the instrumentation and systematization of solutions, supported by state-of-the-art technologies, identifying obstacles and communication solutions, and anticipating the impact on the project and the organization.

We offer our clear vision for the design of internationalization strategies, with a special focus on Latin America, allowing our clients to expand their operations in the countries where we operate, with better competitiveness and a significant reduction in the associated risks.

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At FUN we provide strategic financial consulting services in each of the phases of the economic cycle, such as: corporate finance, valuation services and company reorganization.

We research and analyze the environment of companies, evaluating their operating strategies, operation and control structure. In addition, we evaluate the financial potential of the established investments in order to capitalize on the opportunities and assets of the company.

We conduct rigorous financial analyses to assess the risk and trade-offs and commercial value of your strategic options and help allocate resources to activities that provide greater compensation for our clients.

We provide a deep know-how that is indispensable to create and validate new strategies. Our team, from the perspective of various specialties, will help you make the right decisions to define objectives, allocate resources, consolidate assets, design efficiency ratios, and schedule growth with the least possible impact on cost.

Legal Advice
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We have specialists in different areas of law, which allows us to advise our clients in legal and tax matters, in international and national mergers and acquisitions, in the legalization of companies and in the drafting of contracts. We assist in the harmonization of processes, procedures and legal documents all over the world, guaranteeing the knowledge of the legislation of other countries, required to carry out multinational operations. Our group of highly innovative lawyers, related to international specialists, allows us to carry out complex legal procedures for our client, both nationally and internationally.

Management areas:

Financial Law
Project financing.
Restructuring and transnational operations.
Credit, insurance and securities institutions.
Banking products.
Corporate finance.

Community and competition law
Management before official bodies.
Bidding Processes and Public Contracting.
International Trade.

Labor Law
Negotiation of agreements and mediation.
Advice for hiring and dismissals.
Employment regulation.
Expatriation of executives.
Outsourcing of human resources.

Administrative Law
Public and private sector.


We have a solid and experienced procurement team capable of fully and consistently meeting the requirements of purchasing equipment and materials, as well as international transport for all types of projects.

We have extensive knowledge of international markets and the most prestigious companies in the design and manufacture of equipment for the oil, gas, petrochemical, electrical, mining, agricultural and construction industries. We maintain close relationships with logistics firms and other strategic procurement partners, which provides the basis for ensuring that all products and services are delivered in a timely manner, according to expected quality and cost optimized.

Public Contracting

We offer our legal, financial and technical project advisory services to companies that wish to contract with the Venezuelan government, especially in relation to engineering, procurement and construction projects in the hydrocarbons, electricity, mining, steel and civil construction sectors. We carefully observe the evolution and orientation of public policies to assist our clients when making decisions, selecting projects, evaluating opportunities and setting up consortia and work teams.

We know in detail the regulatory frameworks that govern national contracting, which allows us to make the necessary suggestions and recommendations so that your offer complies with the legal provisions in force.

We monitor the administrative actions before the State companies and the different government agencies in charge of public contracting. We provide our international clients, if necessary, with the physical space and human resources necessary to prepare the bidding process.